Will this website ever get any new "problems"?? :/

Sorry :(, junior year’s been stressful, I have 2 AP Classes, I’ve been hitting the books, and the cheerleading mats a lot lately, not to mention I’m trying to get on homecoming court and have a powderpuff football game to play in soon .____. I really would consider a co-admin, but knowing people nowadays, I couldn’t trust them not to steal the page and take over. 

What are you mixed with

black and white!

This blog seems to only apply to ... those that are black&white mixed. What about other mixes?

Sorry, lol. I am black and white mixed, so I’m posting from my experiences. If you want more problems for other mixes, you should encourage them to submit, because I can’t just speak off of no experience. 

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Thanks for your submission, muffybot!

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Thanks for your submission, http://nuland92.tumblr.com/!

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